Los Angeles City Elementary Schools Music Association


Our mission:

Cultivating and nourishing children through music in Los Angeles public schools.

On July 22nd, 2017 members of LACESMA were informed that our dear colleague, Patrick Ridolfi had passed away. He will be sorely missed. He was a dynamic, giving, talented elementary music teacher who had a transforming way of teaching music to children. He was also an extremely gifted singer. He will be sorely missed. We offer his wife and sons and the entire Ridolfi family our condolences.

August 19, 2017

Be sure to check out the new website! They have updated it with all of their upcoming events and workshops for this school year.  They also have included new teaching resources that could be beneficial to you and your students. Become a member of OAKE and follow the links below to find inspiration for your classroom!




Office Name

*President                                              Jeanne Mitchell                                        

*First VP                                                  Terri Perryman                           

*Second VP                                            David Early                                  

*Recording Secretary                     Mary Barton                                  

*Corresponding Secretary          Suzanne Feland      

*Treasurer                                             Karen Lawrence                                                                                           

Scholarship Chair                              Sarah Urias                                      

Membership Chair                            Eloise Porter

UTLA Rep.                                              Pammela Gibberman

District Liaison                                   Chris Rodriguez                                         

Representative                                   Michael McLean                                  

Representative                                   Jacqueline Yudkin          

Representative                                   Linda Mouradian          

Advisor                                                    Paulette Miller

Advisor                                                    Sue Stanger

Advisor                                                     Steve Venz



If you have questions regarding membership or LACESMA activities, please contact our president, Jeanne Mitchell  by phone at  (310) 738 - 8065  or e-mail at .

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