What is LACESMA? 


In 1941, under the leadership of William C. Hartshorn, Music Supervisor for the Los Angeles City Schools, the Los Angeles City Elementary Schools Music Association (LACESMA) was incorporated in the State of California for the purpose of promoting quality music education. Over the years, the not-for-profit 501(c)3 status of the organization has allowed LACESMA to use donations and membership funds to support our music students and music teachers in a variety of ways.

For Students 


Scholarships are awarded annually by audition for LAUSD elementary school  instrumental music students .  These scholarships fund lessons with a private teacher.  Many of the recipients would otherwise receive only group instruction at school. Past winners have continued in music, participating in high school and college bands and orchestras. Some become professional performers and teachers. 


LACESMA provides  performance opportunities for selected scholarship winners in several venues where they perform for peers, parents, friends and teachers.


To encourage  vocal students , LACESMA co-sponsors and provides financial support for the annual Elementary Honor Choir Festival organized by the Kodaly Association of Southern California (KASC). The LAUSD Elementary Honor Chorus and Orchestra are also supported by LACESMA.

For Teachers 


For over 30 years, LACESMA has provided  staff development workshops for our elementary school music teachers. These workshops have featured both our own expert teachers and outside clinicians and exhibitors.




*President                                              Jeanne Mitchell                                        

*First VP                                                 Terri Perryman                           

*Second VP                                           David Early  

*Corresponding Secretary           Cheryl Fukushima

*Scholarship Co-chair                Cheryl Fukushima                              

*Recording Secretary                     Mary Barton                                  

*Webmaster                          Suzanne Feland      

*Treasurer                                             Karen Lawrence                                                                                           

Scholarship Chair                              Sarah Urias                                      

Membership Chair                            Eloise Porter

UTLA Rep.                                              Pammela Gibberman                                        

Representative                                   Michael McLean                                  

Advisor                                                   Jacqueline Yudkin          

Advisor                                                   Linda Mouradian          

Advisor                                                    Paulette Miller

Advisor                                                    Sue Stanger

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